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Sanitary Clever Clamp

Sanitary Clever Clamp

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DIXON Sanitary Clever Clamps - Consistent & Controlled Compression

Dixon 13SCC-Series Sanitary Clever Clamp offers a new perspective on an age-old design. With its easy-to-use lever closure, it provides fast and consistent compression on both rubber and PTFE gasket connections every time. No torquing, no tools;  just clamp and go.

Product Description of DIXON Sanitary Clamps

Application: For use on sanitary clamp connections. Approved for food and beverage use. Frequently used in Breweries, Wineries & Distilleries, Pharmaceutical; Dairy; Can be installed anywhere a traditional tri-clamp is used

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Pressure Rating: 500 PSI at 70F | 300 PSI at 250F 

Features: Consistent compression of the gasket with every use.  No concern for damage to gasket from over compression or creating  internal bacteria traps from over or under compression | ASME BPE capable | Adjustable for both rubber and PTFE gasket styles | Fast installation, no torquing tools required | Threadless design, eliminates risk of damaged threads | Lockout ready design | Self-locking lever and color-coding options available

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Sanitary Clamps - Things to Remember

  • Service ratings are based on hydrostatic tests using standard-molded NBR, EPDM, FKM & Silicone material gaskets, with proper installation of ferrules, assembly of joints and absence of shock pressure or water hammer.
  • All ratings shown are dependent upon related components within the systems and proper installation of those components.
  • For temperatures above 250°F, we cannot provide service ratings.
  • Before installation, testing must be done under the specific conditions of your application. Verify specific gasket material temperature ratings.
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